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Stop-start slider spring

Stop-start slider spring

Our movement is equipped with a second stop. This stops the watch when the crown is pulled out to set the time. This spring ensures that the watch will continue to run correctly after the time has been set.

Surface finishing

Surface finishing

We offer our customers a large number of surface finishes. Our repertoire includes, for example: sunburst patterns, brushed patterns, circular patterns, radiating surface patterns and polished surfaces.

Main plate

Main plate

As a central element of the mechanism, this component requires a particularly high level of accuracy and precision in its complexity. We can guarantee this with the latest machinery and highly-developed technologies.

Regulation system

Regulation system

From the watchmaker’s perspective, the regulation system is one of the most important assemblies since adjustment of the time is usually via this system. Because of this, the individual parts of the regulation system are subjected to rigorous quality control.

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Manufacture calibre

Precision in detail

Quality materials · Perfect craftmanship

Creativity, traditional handicraft, quality materials and a love of detail find expression in our proprietary calibres. Conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Germany – with vertical manufacturing integration of over 95 % - our movements bear the “Made in Germany” promise of quality. We create mechanical clock movements of high quality, precision, perfection and aesthetics. Artisanal perfection and modern manufacturing methods are combined in this.

Tradition meets Innovation

Made in Germany

Boosted by positive competitive in the market for high quality mechanical watches, the UHREN-WERKE-DRESDEN was founded 2013.

„Made in Germany“ is the quality promise oft he UWD, with manufacturing integration of over 95% in Germany.




33 mm (14 ½ lignes)

Mechanism height:

4,3 mm


Manual winding


3 Hz (21,600 half oscillations per hour)

Runs for:

>53 hours

Number of jewels:

19 rubies

Total number of parts:



  • Floating barrel
  • Balance wheel with eccentric regulation (6x)
  • Sunburst pattern on the crown wheel and ratchet produced by hand
  • Open construction with individual wheel brackets
  • Additional fine regulation via regulator system
  • Shock-resistant balance wheel mounting (Incabloc)
  • Second stop arrangement operated by pulling out the crown

UWD 33.1

Floating barrel · Clear view of the gear train

Thanks to the incorporation of a barrel with a “floating” mounting, it has been possible to achieve a height of only 4.3 mm despite the robust design of the movement. With a diameter of 33 millimetres, the proprietary movement fits harmoniously into various sizes of watch case. The bracket construction with the modern petticoat bracket and orientation by means of conventional positioning pins ensure a quite special visual allure and gives a clear view of the six-shank gear train.

Fascination with the mechanical

No other timepiece provides so much satisfaction and pleasure as a modern mechanical clockwork movement.If you have ever observed the rhythmic and tireless interplay oft he gear trainand other moving parts, then you will be aware that a masterpeice has been created.